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We offer services to help individuals and ministries partner with the prophetic to gain the advantage of foresight in the pursuit and execution of their callings. Hearing and receiving God's word gives us the advantage of wisdom, knowledge, strategy and judgment in our daily affairs. 2 Chronicles 20:20 says "if you believe the Lord your God so shall you be established. If you believe His prophets so shall you prosper."


Partner with a Prophet for Godly insight and future success.

Taking the Prophetic Beyond Prophecy 

"The goal of our services is to take the prophetic

beyond prophecy. As a chief prophet I understand

the prophetic is not just word but a process."

- Chief Prophet Tala Price




Talk with a professional prophet to receive wisdom, guidance and counsel on any issue you are facing in life. Don't live your life without God's voice. Get His direction and mind on every matter from personal conflicts to discovering your purpose and destiny. Need quick answers on demand? Schedule an appointment. Sessions can begin as little as 15 minutes to 30 minutes. 

Who this Package is for:

Anyone needing to hear from God for their lives, families or ministries. 

Services Include:

15-30 minute session with a

professional prophet. 



2020 takes the prophetic beyond prophecy to offer its clients more than just a word but a process, strategy and plan for accurately interpreting, applying, implementing the Word of the Lord in their lives. Sessions include prophetic counseling, prophetic diagnostics and prophetic treatment plans to help clients work with the voice of the Lord and not against. Through our services our clients will go from living with "hindsight" to engaging God's "foresight" for their lives. Life is too short and your destiny is too important to wait. Call us today!

This package is for:

- Individuals looking for prophetic advisement 

- Individuals facing crisis and life difficulties 

- Individuals looking for healing and deliverance 

- Individuals looking do discover purpose and destiny 

- Individuals looking to understand their calling 

- Individuals looking for general guidance and direction 

This Package is Offers:

Monthly Prophetic Advisement 

Regular Prayer and Intercession 

Coaching and Life development 



Need assistance understanding a prophecy, dream or vision. Perhaps you need help walking out a prophetic word the Lord has spoken. Now you can speak to a professional prophet for answers, guidance, direction, clarity and ongoing prophetic and intercessory support for your journey. Before you abandon, abort, or aggravate the Lord's will for your life, talk it out with someone with the professional expertise to equip and coach you through your prophetic experience. 

Who This Service Is For:

- Anyone who has received a prophecy he or she cannot understand 

- Anyone who needs to interpret a dream or vision 

- Anyone who needs prophetic support from receiving a prophecy to walking out destiny

-Any look for a second opinion

Services Include:

1 Hour Session With A Professional Prophet